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Concrete Scanning with Bess Testlab, Inc., provides nondestructive inspection and evaluation of concrete structures using the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technique. The GPR technology is used to quickly, easily and safely locate embedded metallic and nonmetallic targets within concrete structures prior to drilling, cutting or coring.

Private utility locating services benefit designers, contractors, architects, surveyors, coring companies, drilling companies, property owners, and many others. Typical applications include locating of gas, water, fiber optics, telephone, sewer, electrical, TV, and storm pipe lines.

After underground utilities are electronically designated by using either electromagnetic pipe locators, acoustic pipe locators, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) or a combination of any; the next stage is data reliability that is equivalent to Quality Level A, which is obtained by Vacuum excavation, also known known as, potholing.


Our mobile LiDAR effectively addresses utility infrastructure needs such as  electrical and telephone grids in both urban and rural areas. Our LiDAR now provides a fast and affordable means to create accurate map data. The details obtained in a high -definition point cloud unit allows overhead power lines to be captured which might get missed with standard definition mobile  systems.

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