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Structural Concrete Scanning


How does GPR work?


The Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a system that imparts a burst of high-frequency electromagnetic energy into the structure and measures the reflected energy from any discontinuous boundary (the target or targets) within that structure. The resultant continuous profile of the scanned line is easily interpreted.


The left diagram represents a GPR 1500 mhz antenna. The transmitter imparts high frequency electromagnetic signals into the concrete. A target imbedded in the concrete will cause a reflection that is collected by the receiver and processed by a CPU and displayed on a LCD screen. The image on the right represents reflections of rebars (hyperbolas) in a concrete structure. The center of the hyperbola represents the center of the rebars.  














Why Would I Use Ground Penetrating Radar?


BTL provides concrete scanning services for:

•Locating safe areas to core drill new holes for electrical and plumbing piping

•Locating safe areas to drill HVAC, Mechanical and seismic anchors

•Locating safe areas to cut walls openings for doors and windows

•Slab thickness measurements for Slab on Grade.

•Locating structural beams: S.O.G.

•Locating utility pipes under concrete and pavement

•Locating rebar and post tension cable (vertical and horizontal) in concrete

•Determine precise location of reinforcement within concrete

•Map and identify conduits and utility cables within concrete

•Identify voids in or behind concrete


In addition, because the technology is safe, no evacuation of property is needed. The work can be performed in crowded offices, in active hospitals, shopping malls, schools and Universities. Ground penetrating radar is as safe as our cellular phone.


•Locate targets to a depth of 18 inches.

•Several square feet of concrete can be scanned in one day.

•Faster, safer and lower cost than radiography (X-ray).

•Only single-sided access needed.

•Fully FCC compliant.

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