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Mapping Services are available as part of our one stop shop approach.  


Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) services can be included or added at any time to any project as part of our one stop shop approach.  We have the capabilities of very simple data collection to complex 3D scanning to fit any needs or budget.  CAD services not only provide a record of what was found during our utility investigation but also an accurate map of existing conditions that can be layered onto existing or future drawings.


Once utility investigation services have been performed and marked out by BTL field crews, BTL’s mapping department will perform a topographic survey of the area of interest to document the utility markings and above ground appurtenances using one, or a combination of the following; Leica RTK GPS system, Topcon IPS2 Mobile LiDAR, FARO X300 laser scanner, IDS Stream EM and Sensefly multirotor and fixed wing UAV systems.  Having such a wide range of data collection tools allows BTL to capture any data requested in any environment while maintaining a high level of accuracy.  This can also be combined with our vacuum excavation (potholing) service to achieve Quality Level “A” data in accordance with ASCE 38-02: Data Collection and Depiction Standards.  This would include the vertical measurement (depth) of the utility, the size (diameter), condition and material.


Once the data has been collected, BTL’s mapping department will process the field data, usually consisting of line and point extraction from a point cloud, and import the data into AutoCAD where it is processed again and made into a more simple, smaller, useable file for the client.  This data can be provided in whatever coordinate system the client chooses or provides and can be exported out into just about any format to support whatever the client’s needs are.


CAD & Utility Mapping services allow for more efficient project coordination for; utility line replacement planning, utility line design, pavement management planning, directional bore planning, excavations, leak detections and repairs, private utilities, asset management, as-built pipeline drawings, corridor planning, vegetation management, cell and transmission tower inspection and repair, wind turbine inspection and repair, etc.

Utility Mapping

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